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Booster pump generally refers to the mechanical device used to transport liquid with greater pressure so as to facilitate flow or transport to higher and farther places. Since Booster pump needs to use pipelines to transport liquid, Booster pump is also called pipeline Booster pump. The Booster pump can increase the pressure of the delivered liquid, so it is also called the booster pump. However, Booster pump is the most popular name among the people.
Booster pump is a general name or another name, usually referred to as centrifugal pump, pipeline pump, multistage pump, clean water pump, self-priming pump, Submersible pump, vortex pump, etc. These pumps with different terms can be used to pressurize liquid or water like media, the difference is that the product structure or appearance style is different. The commonality lies in the fact that these pumps with different names belong to centrifugal pumps.
About Booster pump and Selection Calculation
Real pictures of Booster pump in different styles. Click the pictures to view many Booster pump products
Classification and attributes
According to material classification: cast iron and stainless steel, cast iron pumps have low cost but are prone to rusting and unclean; Stainless steel pumps are corrosion-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but their cost is relatively high.
According to structural classification: vertical and horizontal, vertical pumps have a higher but smaller footprint, while horizontal pumps have a lower but larger footprint; Single stage and multi-stage, single stage pumps have low head and can usually achieve high flow rates, while multi-stage pumps can have high head and high pressure.
Classified by nature: clean water and sewage. Clean water pumps are only suitable for conveying liquids without any impurities, while sewage pumps can transport liquids with certain impurities.
operational principle
As mentioned above, Booster pump such as pipeline pumps, multistage pumps, clean water pumps, self-priming pumps, Submersible pump, vortex pumps, etc. are all manufactured based on the working principle of centrifugal pumps. Then the working principle of Booster pump is the same as that of centrifugal pump. Mainly divided into pressure boosting and water absorption principles.
Boosting principle: Centrifugal pumps rely on high-speed rotating impellers (usually at speeds of 2900r/min and 1450r/min) to convert mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy. During the process of liquid flowing from the suction chamber of a centrifugal pump to the outlet, its velocity energy and pressure energy are both increased. The liquid discharged by the impeller passes through the pressure chamber, and most of the velocity energy is converted into pressure energy.
Water absorption principle: We know that in order for a centrifugal pump to operate normally, the pump chamber and suction pipeline must be filled up for the first time, and a bottom valve must be installed (to prevent the injected water from flowing out), otherwise the centrifugal pump will not be able to pressurize normally or automatically absorb water. The function of filling water or other pumped liquids is to fill the pump chamber with liquid. At the moment when the centrifugal pump starts, under the action of centrifugal force, the prohibited liquid in the pump chamber immediately obtains pressure energy. Once the outlet valve is opened, the liquid in the pump chamber will immediately flow to the low-pressure area of the unpressurized pipeline. After the original water in the pump chamber is thrown out and emptied, the position of the pump chamber will form an area similar to a vacuum, Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the liquid outside the pump chamber that has not entered will be pressed into the vacuum low-pressure area. As long as the centrifugal pump is still running, these liquids will continue to be pressed into the low-pressure area, circulating back and forth, and the centrifugal pump will achieve the purpose of suction and pressurization.
Therefore, we should not assume that only pumps with the three words' self priming pump 'in the product name can absorb water. In fact, any pump with a centrifugal pump structure can absorb water, which means that centrifugal pumps have a suction lift. The suction height is generally calculated based on H=10.33- the required cavitation margin -0.5 safety margin. The difference between a professional self priming pump and a regular centrifugal pump is that the suction port of the self priming pump is higher, because this can ensure that the pump chamber stores more water and also facilitate the direct generation of a larger vacuum during the next startup to achieve water absorption.


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